Ok. Let's get the win today

Not really sure why, but this game concerns me. Probably because this is the type of game that, in the past, we have messed up. Every damn time we have a game that we “should” win, we struggle. Look at our 3 losses this year.

Anyway, I’m really hoping we come out just like we did against Furd.

Relax. The Utes already had their ‘mess-up’ game at OSU. They have learned their lesson.

Arizona is terrible. If the old ‘Bottom 10’ column were still around they would be ranked.

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22% better. In team captains we trust.

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Hoping for the mega happy ending today…

Utah win
Purple Dawg win
TDS loss

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Nobody has ventured a game score yet.

I’m going with 48-17. Utah.

Add aTm winning, and the Teasips losing for CFB. For the pros, my Cowboys win too.

This one has be concerned too, for the exact same reasons. Yet, as others have posted the captains seem to keep the team focused. Hopefully the coaching staff is as well.

Ask and you shall receive. 10th

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To the score…

Utah 45
Mildcats 17

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Still around, hard to find some weeks. Zona still made it as #10

College football Bottom 10 - Kansas, UConn, UMass back where they belongslug=college-football-bottom-10-kansas-uconn-umass-back-where-belong

OK I am old and forgetful Purple Dawgs= Wasshington?

Not sure at all what Teasips is… sounds vaguely English LOL

I think AZ is better than their record indicates, and that the game will likely be closer than we’d like. That said, the only way we lose is if we completely implode with turnovers.

I’m thinking close through three (with all the kvetching that entails) and we pull away in the 4th. Win something like 28-13.



TAMU name for Texas. Tea sippers = rich students .

TDS has a BYE.

Utes 31 Kitty Kats 20

They should be punished in the polls taking a bye week for Georgia Southern. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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When was the last time utah lost as three score favorites?

This is one part of the P5 upgrade that I think BYU fans are underestimating. In a conference, you don’t get to have a three week stretch mid-season where you play Idaho State, Georgia Southern, and BYE.

AZ is the worst team on Utah’s schedule this year, and they played BYU to a 1-score game. The grind is real.

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Utah 38
AZ 9

and for the 10th straight game this year ESPN 700 doesn’t have audio with their sideline reporter :smiley: