Ok, I really do spend too much time over at r/cfb

This guy uses some for of ELO for his predictions. He’s in line with what I’ve seen in other models for our Utes, 8-4 to 9-3, depending upon a ball bounce or 2.

Not all models predict us getting to the CFP, but none have us coming off the rails. While I’m not convinced his model is any more accurate than, say ESPN and its FPI, he does attempt to show his work or at least his methodology.

Addendum: if you click on the Utah link, it predicts 1 loss for us, against Oregon. The 2022 simulation has us at the 8.6-3.4 win/loss ratio. So, take it for what its worth.

Feel free to dig into the nuances. I just thought that I’d share.

WAit up… He use Electric Light Orchestra for his predictions? That’s an interesting take to be sure

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Ok, that made me chuckle. It would be pretty cool if Electric Light Orchestra was used for predictions. It’d be even better if they were close to accurate.

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Maybe he listens to this while making this predictions. :wink:

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I’ll see you that, and raise you a world champion twice-crowned Drag Queen:

Hey if you think you’re spending too much time at r/CFB… then take a small side trip over to r/CFBball. One of my fave subreddits after r/Polandball and r/Drumcorps

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Not related to Reddit world, but the New Mexico State marching band has an amusing cheer:

Agriculture, Agriculture, Cows and Plows… and Agriculture!

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