Ohio St looking to blow this out

Fabio has no protection against the tOSU DL. Clemson can’t stop Dobbins.

This thread didn’t age well


That final pick was quite the example of how important it is for receivers to run routes correctly.

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Game was fairly unsatisfying.
I could see the Utes, on their best day prevail.
But that’s ridiculous because we lost to Oregon


Not going to say where the Dad played but the kid who picked it had a very special Dad who sadly passed away before he played for Clemson.

Now we need to take care of business


Game changed on that targeting call against tOSU, which was a legit call. Clemson then scored
21 straight points. Just saw the reception/fumble/scoop and score by tOSU and they got ripped off on that reversal. That was a catch and then the ball got punched out. Receiver fully had the ball in his hands and then was moving it down to a running position while taking at least two steps, then it got punched out.