Oh what a difference a year makes for Huntley!

Just take a look at the difference in Huntley’s numbers from last year to this year so far…

2018: 150/234 (64%), 1788 yards (7.6 ave), 6 int., 22 sacks, 140 rating.
2019: 85/114 (74.6%), 1146 yards (10.1 ave), 0 int., 4 sacks, 179.3 rating.

Huntley’s improvement just in the passing game alone has been nothing short of astounding to me. So what has lead to this improvement? Or better yet, what has had the biggest impact on Huntley’s progress this year?

  1. His physical improvement–he’s bigger and stronger now.
  2. He’s more experienced–the game is slowing down for him.
  3. He’s getting better coaching–Ludwig is better than previous OCs.
  4. He’s got a offensive scheme that fits his skill set better.
  5. The offensive line play is better this year–no sacks after five games.
  6. The other skill players are better (Thompson, Vickers plus more experienced receivers).
  7. Worse competition?
  8. Other?

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