Oh-Oh. Schedule issue?

Matt Norlander reporting on twitter that the Utes have bailed on the Crossover Classic, which is the tournament in South Dakota where they were supposed to open vs Creighton.

Keep an eye out for more news.

I heard someone say on Bill Riley’s show (I don’t recall who) that LK is trying to avoid putting the players on airplanes to the extent he can. FWIW.

I hate to lose that tournament. What a great lineup.

road trip?

He was willing to play in-state schools to avoid airplane flights. That’s all I remember.

LK looking for easy games to make himself look better?

The word is South Dakota’s insane rate of 112 new cases per 100,000 is behind the change (for comparison Utah is just under 50)


I know this is just kind of your schtick, but its getting downright silly friend.


Could be a number of factors at play here. This could be coming from the conference, this could be an issue of Larry as a cancer survivor being extra cautious, could be exactly what has been said at face value.

I just hope that there is a plan in place to replace this. I am not holding my breath, but if we could get USU, Weber, SUU, Dixie in for some form of a tournament, Id be all in on that. We have now have 4 games to play with.

I’ll be happy if we get any 4 games. If we are good enough, we can earn a tournament birth in conference play.

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I’ll admit this one was a stretch… gotta keep up appearances!


Brilliant recovery.

That is a crazy number. Utah’s is bad enough. NY, the entire state of 20m not just NYC, is 10 per 100,000. Taiwan, meanwhile, hasn’t had a community transmission case in 200 days. Wear the damn mask.


There’s no hope here in Utah…just look at that Utah County party where thousands attended. At least in Utah, that’s not happening. People here are so selfish and ignorant.

I was in Taiwan in Jan and it’s just completely different; sure, it’s an island, but its government got on top right away and, as important if not more, people wore mask and made contact-tracing easier.


South Dakota State replaces the Utes in the tournament.

For what it’s worth, the per 100k number for New York at its peak of 10k new cases a day was about 200 per. Right now Nebraska is 96 and parts of the state have a positivity rate of almost 50 percent. Meanwhile people are acting like nothing is going on. Rural America is underserved when it comes to health care. The wave of deaths we’ll see in two or three weeks will be shocking.


Once again, the Big 10 looking to the PAC-12 for how to act in the pandemic. They are such followers.


We now know what the hospitalization rate is almost three weeks later. It’s up 40 percent. Yesterday there were 160,000 new cases and 4,000 in Utah. Japan has had 114,000 cases total. Korea has has 28,000. China? 92,000 total. (Those totals through last week.)

At some point, people need to say this is controllable and then do something to control it. It’s only as complicated as we want to be.