Oh, great! Joe “ How ‘bout summore beans, Mr. Taggert” Cravens is the color guy tonight

He just tries to be too folksie. He knows the game. He should stick to that.

Look at Battin going strong to the hole. :flushed:

Followed soon thereafter by quick 3 misses by Plummer and (yikes!) Allen. I can deal with the first one, but Allen has no cause to shoot beyond 17 ft.

Cravens drawl seems more pronounced. Almost like he’s spent all his time on the set of Hee Haw

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Just tuned in. 65-60, Utes. Are we just playing poorly or is UVU better than we thought?

You know who our coach is, right?

We are terrible. This is embarrassing.

No interior toughness again, like last game.

Utah Valley University was picked eighth in the western athletic conference this season, and we were an 18 point favorite. That was really terrible.

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It was shaping up to be just that until they went to sleep for 6 minutes.

It’s becoming obvious that Thioune hasn’t progressed. He didn’t even play tonight. It’s his third year in the program. I don’t mind so much that Carlson needs to still bulk up, and he’s a very good player, but we’ve got no backup there. Battin doesn’t cover that. He’s better spelling the 4. Jantunen needs to be more aggressive, and hopefully get hit in the nose less.

There are good players on the team. Really good. We just go on awful stretches.

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I should say I saw only about 2/3 of the second half.

Our best win has an RPI of 178

Utah’s RPI is 190