Offensive Gameplan vs Washington

I would run the ball 100% of the plays.

Yup. Keep the ball out of the QB’s hands as much as possible. Grind up the clock and win time of possession. Hope that uw makes a mistake.

That’s what we should do but I bet we will see dangerous screen passes that get blown up and result in a Washington TD.

Good lord, this O-line is a nightmare.

Could be a long night.

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Just thinking the same thing. Embarrassing.

We have the bestest o-line, ever. :slight_smile:

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Might be seeing the 3rd string QB by the end of the game.

Time to run a screen play on every play. That’ll help the o-line. At least they don’t have to block

Much better, even the o-line.

Night and day. That was a great drive.

Is Covey still out?

Never mind…just saw Covey get rocked on that return.

No worries…
As long as we have Ludwig everyone has a chance against us.

Well…that 2nd half start sucked.

EDIT: And continues to suck.

Nice INT!

Now let’s hand it off 3 times and punt!

Yes, in fact let’s down the ball three times then punt.

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What a pathetic effort by the OL when we needed a big play.

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