Of course I am biased, but every college football fan should want Utah in the CFP if they win out

I said last week that Utah v Penn State would be a game of everything right versus everything wrong in college football. That got me thinking though, the story of Utah Football is a great one, what isn’t to like?:

  • Workhorse like attitude.
  • Clean program with no off-field issues.
  • 93% graduation rate for the program.
  • Newcomer to P5 athletics.
  • Comprised of a bunch of 3* players who have been dominating 4 and 5* teams.
  • Disciplined straight up tough-nosed football.
  • Under the radar guys like Huntley and Moss, and a whole slate of future NFL players who have been coached up to that status.
  • A number of great second-chance redemption stories within the program for guys like Francis Bernard, Darren Carrington and others
  • Passionate fanbase with sold out stadiums for as long as anyone can remember

Larry Scott, Mark Harlan - you guys need to get out there and start telling this story and getting the media to tell the story. Utah is everything that is right about College Football.

Well put. The question is~ will they?

I imagine Harlan might, but Larry Scott?

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I also agree that we need to be focused on the CFP. I’ve heard too many fans favor the Rose Bowl over a potential natty. I don’t understand why.


Easier travel, for one thing


I would rather win the CFP of course - but travel to Atlanta, then again to New Orleans is very pricey for my family of six. I’d be happy with the consolation of the Rose Bowl because it is drive-able.

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In my eyes it comes down to the very best outcome for your team. I do hear the travel argument a lot. In all honesty, I would rather watch them in the CFP at home then travel to a lesser bowl if those are my options. I understand that it’s the Rose Bowl. Nat’l Champs > Rose Bowl. We may be a long shot, but it is intensely more exciting to be in the conversation than to be on the outside looking in. When do we expect to have an opportunity like this again?

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Wouldn’t you be beyond thrilled to watch the (potentially) greatest achievement by a Utah athletic team on TV? The Rose Bowl is very cool, no doubt, but I still don’t think easier travel is a compelling argument. I want LSU.

It is likely that we play in the rose Bowl against a good opponent. I would be thrilled, but also angry at an obviously flawed system. When I watch this team play I keep thinking we deserve a shot with the best of the best.


Indeed, most of us can drive to Pasadena (about same distance as driving to Tempe when having to circumvent the Grand Canyon) whereas CFP possibly sends us to Atlanta, then potentially New Orleans. (could be Tempe first of course), which is significantly tougher on the wallet. I for one would like to see us in the playoffs. One of the best chances we’ll ever have until they make it more than 4 teams. But first the Buffs await.

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I think the other consideration for Utah fans re Rose v CFP is some feel we have a reasonable shot at winning the rose but not that we have a shot at winning even the first round.



I’m what you all think of as an old guy! In my early 60’s; been going to Utah football games since the late 60’s. I’ve watched Rose Bowl’s for decades, and been to a couple not involving any of the teams on Utah’s regular schedule (obviously).

Pasadena is a perfect place to spend the New Year, from a climate perspective. The Rose bowl is an interesting (old) venue, that provides a sense of history that many newer stadiums do not.

Tailgating and parking on the golf course adjacent to the stadium is a treat! Beautiful surroundings, easy access to parking and easy access to the stadium.

My last trip there was 2006, at which time, with the PAC/BIG10 affiliation, I COULD NEVER HAVE dreamed that my Utes, might actually play in that game one day.

If Utah plays in the Rose Bowl, I’ll be there, living an (until recently) unexpected dream. If they go to the CFP, I’ll be there living a (slightly lessor) dream.

I’ll take the Rose Bowl please!

As good as the Utes are now, and mAy be in the future, God knows when we will be in a situation that provides both potential alternatives again. Hopefully next year. If not, hopefully, sometime in the next 5; but if it’s 15 or 20 years, I might not be around to see it.

In case I only ever get one, I’ll take the Rose Bowl. Please!

That’s my perspective.


It’s certainly a worthy - and for the Utes - an unprecedented consolation prize.
I just hope those young men remain focused, humble and united.
With each other, I hope they play earnestly, with heart and intention.
I know they can. I think they will.
Ki Yi!

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I can’t get angry at being left out. I too would be thrilled at the opportunity and excited to be in the convo. But we had no business losing that game to USC. Three blown short yardage goal line possessions from being a lock. If you want to be more than just ‘in the conversation’ you need to win that game. Not saying I won’t be disappointed, but not angry.


I would look at the other one loss teams before making that argument.

I don’t think you really have to, because it falls firmly into the category of ‘control what you can control’. With a 4 Team Playoff it will always be necessarily subjective. So you will always be able to look at both undefeated teams and one loss teams, compare strength of schedule, compare losses, compare wins, etc. I just don’t think I can get mad that subjectively X is considered better than Y when we had the absolute opportunity to be unquestionably ‘in’, and we didn’t get it done. Regret and disappointment are understandable, but indigence or anger just don’t seem appropriate to me.

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That is definitely taking the high road.

I agree it is out of our control. But for many this is a situation that provokes a lot of negative feelings.