O block will be challenged this weekend

Danny Gonzales is known for disguising his defenses. Last couple games he has rushed as few as two, as many as 8. Loves to delay rush, to use twists and other stunts.

It’s a high risk, high reward defense that has mostly been successful this season.

I think Utes O block is facing a difficult, different challenge than previous games. O block has been susceptible to twists and stunts.

Besides scoring more point and having fewer turnovers, I think I blocks ability to provide run openings and clean pass pockets will be key to a Utah victory.

If O block does their job, fans should go home happy and satisfied Saturday night.

I was impressed last week that the offensive line did not seem to miss a beat after Umana was ejected for targeting. Toala came in and did very well.

Hopefully the line is up to the challenge you describe this week.

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