Not youngest team anymore

Still a very young team, Plummer is the lone senior.

Here’s how I hope it shakes out:

C Branden Carlson
F Timmy Allen
G Ian Martinez
G Alfonso Plummer
G Pelle Larsson

Jones and Thioune off the bench, that’s it. Seven man rotation, let it gel for next year when we will hopefully only lose Plummer.

LOL. I don’t agree with a lot of your takes, but this is the worst. 7 man rotation? Jones not starting? Bahahaha!!!

8 man rotation is absolutely necessary in CBB regular season especially when your center is foul happy. Also, there is a 0% chance Jones doesn’t start. He is the only legit PG on this team, and one of 2 or 3 proven shooters.

No jantunen? He was one of our most dependable guys last year. He will surely start.


This is not true. Duke usually has only a 7 man rotation, especially by season’s end. Utah often has only a 7 man rotation, but we haven’t exactly been a model of success.

And, yes, Jones and Jantunen will start.

Lol, we aren’t duke, and they play 8 as often as they play 7. When it is 7 it’s usually because someone is hurt and there are only walk-ons left. Coach k 7 man rotation is a myth. There are almost always at least 8 dudes that get regular minutes, with some tightening of the rotation when the tournament comes around.

We don’t have 7 guys that are NBA prospects along with a handful of walk-ons. We have two or three proven average or above players, a handful of promising freshmen, and a handful of garbage players.

If Jones averages nearly 40 minutes a game again krystko needs to be shown the door. He could have been charged with child abuse last year.

I guess it depends on what counts as being in the rotation.

By my definition, many successful teams have a 7 man rotation. But I don’t count the guys getting just a few minutes or less per game. I’ve been a Duke fan for a long time (I know, boooo!), and they often go with just 7 by that definition.

Larry has never gone above an 8 man rotation by that definition, has he?

I don’t have a problem with Jones playing a ton of minutes if he’s playing well. He can handle it.

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You aren’t the only one that follows Duke closely. Two years ago they had 8 guys that all averaged 14 mpg or more, each playing in more than 30 games.

Last year they had 9 guys who played in a minimum of 28 games that averaged double digit minutes.

3 years ago? 8 guys who played in 30 plus games with 10+ MPG.

The year before that? same thing, 8 guys… EIGHT, not seven.

The year before that? They had 7, because their big man got injured.

The year before that they had 7 guys averaging way above 10 MPG, and two others averaging just under 10.

I can keep going if you’d like. The 7 man rotation is a complete and total myth. You don’t get 8-10 minutes a game if you aren’t part of the rotation.

If you play regular minutes, you are a part of the rotation.

I stand corrected. Apologies.


haha… well now I feel like a real jerk.

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The Jerk Store called…


I didn’t say that’s the lineup Krystkowiak would go with, I said that’s the lineup I would go with. I’d put the best 5 on the floor.

Jones was arguably the most important player on our team last year (playing nearly 40 min a game).

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Jones is undersized.

and? Undersized or not he has proven that he can pass, score, and defend in the Pac12. Martinez has done no such thing, and there is zero evidence that he is better in any way.

Jones was every bit the recruit that Ian is. By far the best passer in Utah HSBB history


Hasn’t translated into winning games in the PAC 12, we need more length.

You realize youre arguing with the most notorious troll in ute history, right? I mean, moose aka Jim Fassel era, has no real positions, he just enjoys trolling.

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Meh, I enjoy arguing about things that don’t matter. It’s a win-win a guess

Well, you better bench Carlson, and Timmy as well then because they didn’t help us win either.

Let’s revisit this Chingiskhaan. Did you watch the game tonight?

the BYU vs Utah game? Yes… and? Starting 5: Jones, Plummer, Allen, Jantunen, Carlson.

Off the bench: Larsson, Battin, Martinez, and Thioune got minutes off the bench… just like they do every game IOW, they are part of the rotation.