Not cool or even remotely okay

Death Threats?!? Wow!

I don’t have a Facebook account or a twitter account, for precisely this reason - I too often hear of exactly this sort of wild over reaction. What is the matter with people?


I am fine with the reaction. The zoo owes no apology.

And it just occurred to me that the type of kids who trashed the zoo like they did are exactly the type who would report any “mean message” as a death threat.

To set the record straight, in case anyone misinterpreted my previous post, I have zero problem with either of the posts made by the Zoo on Facebook. In fact, I am fully supportive of their actions to call attention to the boorish behavior of some University of Utah students from the Sigma Chi frat. The behavior of the students was out of line, and as this thread is named, Not cool or even remotely okay.

My subsequent comment about overreactions and the rhetorical question, What is the matter with people? were directed at the unnamed individuals who, in reaction to the zoo’s original Facebook post, apparently tracked down some of the poorly behaving students and sent them death threats. There is no possibly justification for issuing death threats to these students and it is therefore a dramatic over-reaction.


From what I have heard the mess was cleaned up the same eventing, after they closed early and the Sigma Chi national chapter has already sent insurance adjusters out, to assess the damage, etc.


Cris & I could do Saturday after 10 am but my guess is that they will have everything cleaned up by then. If there’s a way we can help let us know.


My second daughter came to Utah without knowing a soul. She joined a couple of different organizations including a sorority. It helped her gain a few friends immediately and integrated her into the community as well as gave her a sense of purpose and school spirit. We appreciate her sorority experience.

My other two are athletes part of a team that gave them that sense of purpose & family away from family. Wasn’t (or in my son’s case – isn’t) important for their transition to college.

Just a different perspective on it.


Thanks. I know a lot of great people who are or were in sororities/fraternities. But they are a relic of elitism and money from a bygone era. They are heavily associated with negative behaviors and attitudes.

There are hundreds of student groups that could have given your daughter the community she needed, and they don’t come with the drawbacks of fraternities/sororities. I think all that is provided by Greek life (the good and that bad) would still exist in the absence of Greek life, but some of the “bad” would be less formally organized and sanctioned.

I was involved in a few great organizations at the U which helped me meet people. The Bennion Center, as an example, will surround you will a much more diverse group of friends than Sigma Chi.

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This is where I tend to fall as well. If you got rid of frats/sororities, would the good disappear? Would the bad? Is the good found elsewhere without the bad? Are we holding onto something just because of the tradition, not because of it’s overall value?

I think the day and age of those organizations are gone. They just aren’t needed anymore and tend to do more bad than good. Everything good they provide can be found elsewhere in a much cleaner, more open, more inviting arena.

Same arguments are made about organized religion.

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When my son was at The U he was a member of the Club Swim team all 4 years. It was more than just a swim team it operated much more like a social club that liked to swim. He developed his closest friendships with fellow club members. They also started something called Club Lib which was a diverse group of folks from Swim, Engineering and other groups who used to meet up throughout the day at the Marriott Library. Pretty much throughout the day there were a few kids from that group who occupied the same table in the Library. He is still friends with those kids as well.