Not cool or even remotely okay

Fraterenities and sororities should not exist, and everyone knows it.


Disturbing behavior that is embarrassing to our university.


Think we have enough support here to show up in our Ute gear and help them fix and clean things up?


That’s a brilliant idea. If I wasn’t an out-of-stater I’d be there to help.

This is so disappointing and embarrassing.

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Football games are a win-win for me now, if we win I’m happy, if we lose I’m happy because these students and many others like them don’t deserve a Rose Bowl.

Count me in!

I think if we could get 15-20 of us to go and help that might be a good little outreach to mend fences. If you can vote below to indicate if you can help that would help me gauge whether to reach out or not (I don’t want to show up with 3 guys - which would be lame). Also, don’t vote yes if you aren’t planning to go - no shame in not going, but there is shame in saying yes and not showing.

  • I’d be available to help
  • No, I can’t make it

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If the date and time work I will be there


Those guys need to learn something. Ideas:

  • Humble public apology.
  • Service to the Zoo. Something menial.
  • Probation for the frat–a long one.
  • Misdemeanor charges, dismissed after some kind of public service.
  • Mandatory attendance at alcohol abuse class.
  • Public flogging. (OK. maybe not.)

What day and time?

Maybe that is the next question - I could do a Thursday or Friday after 5pm, or a Saturday morning around 8 or 9 am - I may need to find out if/when they would accept our help. Evenings/weekends best for most of us?


I’m good with any time on Thursday. Supposed to be heading to St George on Friday for the weekend.

My Sister-in-law works at Hogle in PR (She probably wrote the fb post in the screenshot). I’ll have my wife send her this thread and see what she says.


That’d be awesome - I was about to say I’d try to find somebody to contact. It might be helpful if they want our help to tell us when would be best, then whomever can make it can make it.

I’m not working at the moment, so can do this just about any time.

The original Facebook post was deleted, replaced with this…



Looks like this may be blowing over, but I can help. Saturdays best, but not this coming Saturday, Most evenings are good. It might have to be early enough to have natural light to work with.

If were there, yes, we would bet there. That’s a poor action from the frat boys. Hope the school cracks down on them (if proven guilty).

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My guess is that the mess from the bottles and cans and vandalism won’t require much muscle to clean and probably already has been. The Zoo is strapped for cash and had to furlough / layoff personnel earlier this year and those that weren’t let go had to take a pay cut. I think monetary donations would be of more help but I’m still waiting to hear back.