Nice site! How do we become donors?

Can’t find an option.


You can donate here:

For a set price monthly recurring donation go to Patreon


Venmo @utefansdotnet for one-time donations


through Paypal here which will allow for recurring donations (just check the box) or one time donations of any amount.

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What are the upgrades for donors?

Access to additional categories (politics and religion are opt-ins). We will likely have an ‘insider info’ section as this site grows, plus others - idea is exclusive content (but not obnoxious stuff you’ll find out three minutes later on twitter). Also no ads. Also auto upgrade to highest ‘trust level’. Plus the upgrade of knowing you are keeping this site afloat.

I don’t think I’m allowed to send boardmails yet

Gotta earn it.

Ok then…

However for when you earn it, and those who have, if you want to boardmail someone just click on their name, it will open a window that says, “Message” click on that and you’ll send them a message directly. I looked at your profile, you should have ‘earned it’ by now.

Any donation credit for donating earlier in the year on the auto donate I had set up?

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Sure, I’ll get you updated.

the kinky no worky…I am using an iPad.

Send me the link in email to PayPal.

Sorry try this:

Ummm… how do I earn boardmail powers?

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Read posts, write a few and you move up a trust level. Looks like you’ve done that so you should be able to boardmail. Either click on your icon in the top right to get to boardmail or click on the persons name and click message and you should be good to go.

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Please let us know when you get a donation platform set up here.

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Plan to donate, but can’t find the option for a one-time payment. Give a link and I’m in.

All the links to the legacy site donate page give me error messages.

Sorry, but I don’t like recurring donations. Have had issues with them in the past.


Thanks, I’ve updated it from going to the old site (especially because the old site is no longer going over https) - so try donating here through Paypal

Let me know if you have issues, and thank you very much.

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The PayPal link looks specific to a user session

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Sunza - okay, it SHOULD be fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

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