Nice article/commentary on Huntley

I put this under Utah football because Huntley is a Ute, albeit one in the NFL now.

I thought it was a well done article, talks a bit of his strengths and weaknesses.

Mike Preston: Tyler Huntley — not Trace McSorley — is the ideal backup to quarterback Lamar Jackson | COMMENTARY - Baltimore Sun

Nice article. One thing did jump out at me, however:

McSorley is a tough kid and a competitor. Of the three quarterbacks, McSorley throws the better and most tight passes inside the red zone. It’s in this area where one can tell he was well coached in college.

Implication, of course, being that Huntley was not.


I read that too, and just kind of rolled my eyes. I was especially odd after talking about Huntley’s accuracy records at Utah.


Over the years, we have had our share of Red Zone problems. That said Huntley wasn’t one of those.