Next year what's our biggest concern?

Based on bench play I’m going to say QB. At the moment I don’t have that much faith in Shelly. Our RBs look like they are going to develop well. D is a machine that always rebuilds itself. Kicking should improve. Receiving corps is growing.

So I’m worried about regression at the QB position…which honestly makes next year look more like a “normal” Ute year. Still I’d love to hear some reason to be more optimistic than I’m feeling.

From others here, many have talked about Cameron Rising being the next one up at QB. Rising didn’t get eligible this year, but is apparently set for next year.

I haven’t seen tape on him yet. I’l go dig around. Hopefully he’s ready early. That or Shelly turns things way around. He was a serviceable backup last year but this year he’s clearly under performing.

QB is always the biggest concern. I think that is the one area where we have really struggled with recruiting. We get one big recruit interested every couple of years and the rest of the recruits are fine, just not top tier guys. Hopefully Rising has it in him, you just never know. Shelley showed some bright flashes last year, not sure he has what it takes week in and week out. Would be nice to have a stable of 4* QB recruits ala USC. Their 3rd string guy was a 4* recruit and torched us. Crazy.

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Our offensive line has struggled all season, but Huntley has been good enough to overcome it. That’s the most important position group in football, and it’s my biggest concern this season and next.

I agree that the OL is critical. think we lose four out of ten on the OL two deep. It could be worse.

Several ocassions I’ve heard Whittingham say he is set at O block next year. Says there are a bunch of young, talented guys on the team.

I think our D-line takes a step back next year.

QB who knows? Rising is supposed to be good. I doubt he has a similar skill set to Huntley. But “Fire Ludwig” has a reputation for modifying the offense to suit his players’ strengths