Next season

Where is Morgan Scalley coaching?

He’s got to be on short lists of any number of schools, a G5 HC, or rich P5 school looking for a top flight DC.

Which begs the question, is it better for him and Utah for him to coach elsewhere, be successful and be considered seriously as KWit’s replacement, or can he stay home and have the same consideration?

I think his upside is huge.

Hope it’s right here. If not I could see a lot of G5 spots possible. Maybe even a few P5

I certainly don’t see him going to TDS

TDS is going to finish 8-4. Kalani will still be their coach.


My hope is that they hire someone with D1 head coaching experience for the Utah job when Whitt leaves. I think Harlan is the type of AD who would want to make a bigger hire anyway.

I did make the comment to another poster on this board that Scalley would be a good G5 coaching candidate.