Need Something to Put a Grin on Your Face? Follow These 4 Easy Steps

Halloween a disappointment this year? Follow these steps to put a smile on your face.

  1. Go to
  2. Search for JazzyUte’s videos
  3. Play Utah/Stanford football 2018
  4. Fast forward to 10:30 into the video.

If you’re like me, you’ll be smiling as you remember how great Bradlee Anae was.

Wife and I were at that game - the audible “ooohhh” from the Stanford fans when that happened was awesome. Liked the venue - but not the greatest football environment/experience - also, their mascot/student section is LAME (we get it, you dont like sports).


We had 50 kids come get candy this year.

Normally it would be double that. They were generally going around in family groups and wearing face coverings when they came to my table on the front porch to pick a candy bar.

It wasn’t flashy, but it was better than nothing, and the kids were thrilled to get real sized candy bars.


Awesome. Im certain the littles,(and their parents)in your neighborhood appreciated the effort. Even in these trying times, kids need to be filled with as many fun memories as we can give.


We had a lot of fun in our neighborhood here in WA. A ton of houses had tables set up with treats bagged and separated. A few tables had some nice adult tables as well to warm the bellies and the spirits. I was super impressed with the kids. They’d wait patiently with plenty of space between groups and get their baggies.

Most neighbors in the garage behind the tables keeping everything well stocked and friendly conversation flowed.

Very cool. Not an ideal Halloween but definitely a memorable one. We humans can be pretty awesome when we need to be.

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