Need some ideas for Christmas Dinner

I’ve got our Christmas Eve dinner planned. Family tradition stuff from El Paso and New Mexico, tasty.

But I just can’t wrap my head around Christmas dinner this year. In the past I’ve done standing rib roast, and related items. Last year I made a turducken. I just need an idea of what to make or try.


A few ideas: Beef Wellington. Our annual Christmas dinner. So tasty. From El Paso pork Chile Verde, can’t go wrong

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Chile Rellenos, enchiladas, tacos, tostadas, and burritos.

Feliz Navidad


That’s pretty close to Christmas Eve for us.

Beef Wellington? There’s one I haven’t made in years.

Christmas lasagna, with tomato sauce and pesto.


My wife grew up doing Christmas Lasgna. I thought that was weird, and we now do that on winter solstice in candlelight. We also don’t have a set Christmas dinner and do Tamales for the new year. I’ve made standing rib roast, roast beef, Cornish hen. I think this year my wife wants to do a honey baked ham.

The normal routine at our house is

Clam Chowder for Christmas Eve…

Rib Roast for Christmas Day…

Mex food for my birthday (26th)…

Chinese for New Year’s Eve…

Honey-Baked Ham for New Years Day.


I think I’ll be at Greg’s house all week…


Hot Pot. :slight_smile:


Hot pot is not a bad idea. It’s my wife’s favorite meal to eat on a cold night… in fact I think she’s preparing some right now for tonight.

Similar styles are fondue pots, Korean BBQ, or raclette grills (do this one!), where the point is to sit together, put together the food you want to eat, and talk/drink as a family.

My family has had a long-standing tradition of doing the major celebration on Christmas Eve and we’ll be at the mercy of whatever my mother feels like setting out (usually delicious). We open the presents that night too (even as kids) so that we can sleep in and do whatever we want the next day.

We’ll probably do a simpler COVID-era, empty-nest meal this year but years past my wife would pull out all the stops and cook all the proteins – turkey, ham, roast beef, steak, crab, etc… I will guarantee that the dogs will be eating steak for the occasion.

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Hot potting boneless country ribs works pretty well. Sides of stove top stuffing and corn on the cob add to the fun. The sides are easy and fast to make, though if you are one who burns boiling water…:joy::joy::joy::joy:

Then again, my hot pot is a crock pot.

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since all the good ones have been taken


Since New Years mean bowl games, we usually have game food which varies (smoked ribs, hot wings, big sub sandwich or make your own sandwich bar, appetizers, chips/dips, etc.). I think the tamales are NYE. We finally found a reliable spot to get good ones. Several years ago, a friend came over and we made over a hundred and froze some that lasted us a while.

Growing up, Christmas Eve dinner was left to dad (I think because mom was tired or bake pies for Christmas or something). He didn’t know how to make much, so we had waffles with all the toppings. Since my wife’s heritage is dutch and her family would occasionally have Aebelskivers (pancake puffs here in the US), we now make those with some sides like bacon/sausage and fruit to blend traditions/heritage. So, breakfast for dinner Christmas Eve.

Other traditions are mostly Christmas Eve - light the luminarias, eat dinner, drive around and see lights, kids (no teen/pre-teen) each have a nativity while I read from the Bible, we sing some carols, new pajamas are opened, and off to bed for the kids while we prep the stockings/unwrapped gifts (so much better than assembling toys when they were little).

Filet of beef with a port wine cranberry reduction sauce, garlic-lemon green beans, and a potato casserole dish. All paired with a good Napa cab or red wine blend.

Before my wife’s family arrive I usually chug a glass of champagne with a Vicodin so I can deal with them.



Our Christmas Eve tradition is charcuterie and finger foods/appetizer type things. Everyone gets to pick their favorite things to eat. I’m happy my wife was able to bring back some delicious Ukrainian garlic sausage from Edmonton last month. Christmas morning is German Stollen. Then Christmas Day is make your own pizza. That tradition started when I was about 8 or 9 when my mom decided she didn’t like spending most of Christmas day in the kitchen cooking. Christmas dinner is held on Boxing Day/day after Christmas and is usually turkey or ham or both with all the trimmings. This year I’m planning to do a prime rib roast to change things up a bit.

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Ah yes, Christmas breakfast. We all get a individual box of cereal and an orange in our stocking and have that for 1st breakfast while 2nd breakfast cooks (varies, but could be egg casserole thing, french toast casserole, eggs/bacon/grits/cinnamon roles, etc.). We open some more gifts and have 2nd breakfast, maybe 9:30/10ish depending on how we feel.

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LOL, that’s a good one.

If only my MiL would travel.

You’re reduction sounds really tasty. Did a similar reduction earlier this year with cherries and bourbon. That was really good.

Of course there’s this…