NCAA 2021 Football General thread

Alabama about to lose to TAMU

19 game winning streak comes to an end.


:man_shrugging: Oh well.

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A good weekend so far for me: TU lost, A&M won, BYU lost, our Utes won. Now if only my Cowboys and Ravens can do the same.


Could be an interesting year for the playoffs. Could we see Iowa, a PAC 12 team, and Cincinnati in addition to an SEC team?

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Two observations.

Now we can put to bed that tired “when are you going to win at Southern Cal”

And, I expect Bama to plummet all the way to 3rd.


They will fall pretty big in the poll. The last time we lost early we fell 10 spots. That team ended up winning a National Title. Not sure this team is on that level though. They def need to win out the schedule and somehow pull an upset on Georgia.

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Well I was wrong. They dropped Bama to 5

Wow. I’m surprised they dropped that far.


And only one team was denied the trophy.

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