National Champs at Hype Videos

I’m keeping this off Football because this is purely about the Hype video. LSU has the best Marketing crew every season. This is not my favorite of theirs just the most recent. They also seem to always get some celebrity to voice these:

Utah doesn’t need a marketing department hype video. We got Kenneth Scott doing the hype video. How fitting, our players do all the work while other teams rely on the media to sale them.

If Bamafan think LSU is the king of hype videos, he’s never met our little brothers down south.



You mean like this one? Still makes me wanna barf and laugh uncontrollably anytime I see these 2.


There’s no asterisk though.

Must have been hard to find those clips of LSU’s defense.

Y’all should score at will tonight then. That crap LSU defense did better against Auburn than Oregon did against the Tigers.

Oregon gave up 21 to Auburn and LSU gave up 21. So yes, that Oregon D is suspect. We’ll know more in a couple hours.

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Well that didn’t age well :joy:

Oregon gave up 27 pts LSU gave up 20