My middle son's best friend and all around great guy passed away today at the age of 22 of brain cancer

I’m not sure why I’m posting it here, other than I’m not sure where else to post it. I’m facebook friends with his whole family so I’d feel weird posting there. It’s so strange to me that just about 17 months ago, he was at my youngest’s graduation party. Just weeks later he fell down in a parking lot and was having trouble standing. A month or so later he was diagnosed, and started various treatments, but the diagnosis was dire. Nevertheless, he is the kind of kid that you always figured would beat it. Even though it was basically unbeatable from the beginning, it just didn’t seem reasonable that he wouldn’t make it. But here we are… F you stupid cancer, I hate you:(

Braxton was the glue that stuck together a large group of very different kids, all friends, and all loved basketball because Braxton taught them all how. When my son was a senior, they ran out of varsity uniforms for the first time ever because the no-cut policy never contemplated someone like him. And that was 3 years after he was forced to leave our school because issues outside his control (unnecessarily and unfairly) forced them to move. He had a tough road in his short life, but one thing you never ever heard was him feel sorry for himself. No matter what changes life threw at him from changing schools, changing family, changing health (even long before his diagnosis), he never complained, was always positive, and most importantly he never said a bad word about anybody.

Here is a pic from just over a year ago.

I’m gonna miss you Braxton, the world is so much worse because you aren’t here, but our loss is heaven’s gain. God’s speed you knucklehead!!

So sorry to hear. God bless and comfort the family and friends.

Thank you, its hard but he’s in a better place.

So sorry to hear this, and thanks for sharing. He sounds like a great kid who had a remarkable impact in his time here.

F**K cancer.

Tough to hear about someone so young and with so much potential struck down.

My sympathies to you and all his friends and family at this time.

I have to say, I’ve been a bit of a negative nelly regarding social media, but one thing Braxton always did was tweet. And it was mostly silly funny stuff with a lot of sports talk mixed in. Lot’s of videos and pictures. He had nicknames for everybody including himself and their ‘gang’. They were so lucky to have someone like that as the straw that stirs the drink. And I’m so thankful he was a social media king. All I have been doing for the past day is off and on surfing his twitter and laughing through my tears. Rest in peace Big Nasty, and thank you for leaving me tons of memories! @Braymond23 Check him out and throw him a few likes.

That is sad to hear, condolences, but hope your son’s friends and others can celebrate the good things he brought to this world.

so sorry for your loss.

1 month ago a kid on my son’s soccer team (8 yrs old) was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. had surgery 2+ weeks ago and is now starting proton radiation therapy followed by chemotherapy.
5 year survivability/remission is 70ish% for this type of cancer, so I’m hoping this has a happier ending

Cancer sucks, but especially so for kids. I work for a surgical company on devices that surgeons use in many cancer surgeries. I get to attend surgery as a result fairly often. I really dislike going to any of these surgeries on kids.