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So back in November I mailed in my application to the CA DMV for a temporary handicapped parking placard to use after my foot surgery on 12/10. Fast forward and the placard had not arrived as of 12/23 when I had my sutures removed at the first post op visit. We immediately left for our home in Montana where we stayed until 1/10. We asked our SoCal neighbors son to check our mail for the placard and to forward it to our Montana PO Box. It arrived 12/26 and he did as instructed. It never arrived in Montana. It was finally returned on Thursday 1/23 marked as undeliverable. The address was accurate. It’s a PO Box at the Post Office.

The placard is temporary and expires at the end of June, but I lost the use of it when I needed it the most: right after surgery when I was on crutches and one legged. This is what happens when you layer a dysfunctional USPS on top of a dysfunctional DMV. Keep that in mind when politicians pitch you Medicare for all.

For the record, I had my wife suspend her Medicare and I put her on my Cigna PPO. She was nothing but complaints about Medicare and all the denial of coverage. Now she’s a happy camper. People ask me why I don’t retire and the answer is simple: 6 more years and I have lifetime private medical insurance at the Federal Reserve rates. If you want good, you need to work for it. That is all.

I think the USPS does a remarkable job. I sell a few items per week via eBay. Never once had a problem with USPS.
FedEx: they can go eat a bag of dicks. The Gov does a better job with packages than the private sector.


You might just work through your own state’s DMV and primary care doc.
Any medical provider can participate in supporting a handicap pass/your provider can easily prove your surgical history and need. It’s up the the DMV to approve and regulate. Every state is different. The Utah DMV gave me the pass after about 10 mins in a drive through. Sorry you have had delays

I have Cigna through my work and it sucks. I hate US health insurance.

I have had $150K worth of work on my foot and my out of pocket cost was $0.

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I live in CA and did go through the CA DMV.

I understand but I’m saying that you can still do it in your state if needed in the future. It might be easier.
Good luck with your recovery!

I like that Utah DMV takes appointments online if it’s something you need to do in person but otherwise you can do everything online. Very convenient.

Back in the day in Massachusetts things went smoothly as well. The better states have a fast-track approach. It’s amazing how many people own multiple cars and seem to have 3 things to do at once, bogging down the process…

Extrapolating your USPS experience to a general condemnation of Medicare is not sound.

I went on Medicare 3 years ago. My health has since gone to hell. Medicare has been excellent - better than my experience with U health, IHC, United and Signa. A lot better.


No matter how fit we are. No matter what type of superlative athleticism we once achieved. Everyone, at some point in their life will get sick. 80% of the aged use up the majority of HealthCare coverage in the last 10 years of their life. Particularly, the last two or three. It’s astounding how many health insurance plans deny coverage - or make it a full-time job maintaining coverage that should be unquestioned to begin with.
Fine and decent people go bankrupt, lose their homes or suffer extraordinary economic loss just to pay health insurance or the repercussions of not being covered.
It’s astounding.


Absolutely AbsoluteUte!