My biggest take away from the last few games

It is surprising how much speed the team has. Enough to honestly put the “Runnin” back in the Runnin Utes.

Gach is probably the most outstanding with his ability to drive and breakdown the defense. I don’t think there is going to be much standing and passing the ball around the perimeter this year.

I don’t think I appreciated Timmy Allen’s speed until now. He is an undersized forward, but makes up for it by getting to the basket and a good midrange game based on his speed against bigger opponents.

Rylan Jones has deceptive speed, and is just learning what he can and can’t do against better competition. Experience at the D1 level will help eliminate some of the turnovers he had this last game.

Brandon Carlson is the most athletic and fast big man I can remember playing at Utah. He is a huge get for coach K.

All this speed is good for the offense, but also helped the Utes keep Minnesota in check on the defense.

The speed comes at some cost, with the starting five being small after Carlson and Battin. Rebounding and scoring inside will be tough against bigger front lines in the PAC12. Hopefully Thioune and Jantunen develop enough to help soon.

The Utes are very young, they still haven’t played against some for the bigger, faster competition, but Larry has something to build on in the next few years.

This trip back East should be a very good experience for the team prior to PAC12 play. A chance to bond and work out some of the inexperience.

Added note: Did anyone else notice that Alfonso Plummer either didn’t play, or had very limited time on the court, after looking like he is one of the best 3 point shooters on the team? Interesting…

Plummer didn’t play at all. Thioune/Brenchley/Jantunen had all the minutes off the bench other than a few minutes in the first half by MVK