Moving on up

14 in Coaches poll and 13 in AP. Nice to see us leapfrog the tater zoobs in the AP rankings.

Agreed. I see that Oregon is one spot ahead of us. How good are they really? If we go to the P12 championship, will we meet them there?

They put up a good showing against Auburn. I think we could give them a good game.

I watched Oregon play against Colorado, and they looked freaky good. Then again, it was Colorado.

Boise didn’t play a lot of defense against Hawaii. The game was a track meet.

Oregon appear to easily be the best team in the north. I saw a stat a few days ago saying something along the lines that their defense has given up ONE single TD in over 60 opponent possessions.

That is impressive no matter who you are playing.

Where did Oregon improve so much on their team? They had Hebert last year and we beat him/them at home? Did they just get older and more experienced or did they bring in 3-6 blue chip guys that are playing now?

Their LT is a beast and healthy. He wasn’t last year.