Most underperforming Football Program

Is it me or does UCLA or Texas seem like schools that should be top 15 programs but consistently remain irrelevant?

I get the stadium is not near campus but the stadium is the freaking Rose Bowl. Westwood and Austin would be fantastic places to go to school.

“Westwood and Austin would be fantastic places to go to school.”

Agree to disagree.

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With all of the high school 4 and 5 star athletes in California that commit to UCLA (and USC for that matter), their results are quite a disappointment.


I don’t know about Westwood. But my time in Austin has made me swear off Austin. There are other parts of the Hill Country that are better, IMO. But as for school there? I don’t know, because of Austin I’d lean towards no.

Really? I loved Austin.

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I think you are correct. But I’d add aTm in as well. Not because of location, but because of their hype year after year, and rarely do they deliver.

I can’t speak on Westwood, I’m not sure that I’ve ever been there. I can say that Austin was not my favorite place to live. Traffic was awful, food was great, politics were a 24/7 life in Austin. Not to mention it’s gotten so big, and infrastructure hasn’t kept up.

It has its charms, food, and music. But it’s also the location where I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I was pretty isolated from much due to the nature of my job, which added to the diagnosis. So, Austin doesn’t hold much charm to me. It’s probably more personal to me than most.

If we were to move back, we’d go to Fredericksburg, or Lago Vista, or elsewhere in the Hill Country. San Antonio, has gotten too big for my tastes, so it’s a no go.

I really don’t like San Antonio, so I’m with you on that. Fredricksburg is nice - I always like Georgetown north of Austin - although I assume it has been absorbed by urban sprawl by now. I haven’t been back to Austin in… 15 years and even then was astounded by the growth. I also liked San Marcos and Seguin.


I guess growing up in the LA area Traffic and Parking in Austin seemed mild. Also, being at UT you are taken care of there. My parents lived in Westwood for a year and I really liked it.

When it comes to the Big 1G there is only one place I would live and be happy and that is Madison, Wisconsin. It feels like a proper college town. They really aren’t underachieving but I feel they should be beating out tOSU more.

The SEC is easy. It’s UGA. ACC you would think Miami but I love Charlottesville.

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In the MWC, the “Bart Simpson Slacker Schools” are UNLV and Hawaii.


I’d think if they could keep their local kids there, Hawaii could be more competitive.

Problem is only us degenerate fans are staying up for those Hawaii kickoffs.


No matter how you cut it, it’s still filled with Texans.


Excellent point

There is no getting around this fact.

Certain Texans make great breakfast burritos and Kolaches though.

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