Morgan Scalley suspended for racist remark

Josh Newman. SL Trib tweeting. Investigation into a 2013 social media text message containing racist language.

Holy ■■■■.


On Wednesday night, I was made aware of a social media post that referenced a 2013 text message that included racist language, sent by our football program’s defensive coordinator, Morgan Scalley. I initiated conversations with our campus partners, including President Watkins, and we agreed to have an outside firm review this matter, to seek further details and determine whether this was an isolated incident.

Coach Scalley and I have spoken. He is very contrite and acknowledged that the text was sent and that it did include a derogatory and painful word.

The use of any form of racist language is not only antithetical to our policies and our values, but it is an affront to all of us, especially our African-American community members. While the review of this matter is being conducted, I have placed Morgan on suspension effective immediately.

shocking and disappointing. Even though it was 7 years ago that might be a deal breaker.

The question really is, should a racist text negate two decades of doing good with and by the people he used the derogatory word about? Or perhaps we should leave it to the minority players on the team to decide what should happen to him.

We are at a great distance from Morgan Scalley - and while all that know him say he is a great guy - I think those who know him best should be the ones to determine his fate, not a social media mob.


I’ll wait to judge or defend until more info comes out (I.e. pattern of behavior, what was actually said, etc). I’d like to think that this was an isolated incident that was a single massive lapse of judgement, but I have no idea at this point…and neither do you.

I fear the damage may already be done though. If you’re a minority recruit and just found out your coach sent a racial slur via text (regardless of how long ago it was), are you still going to come play for him?