Montez threw that game

There, I said it. I can’t explain what I just saw in any other way.

A little off after getting his bell rung?

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I want to believe that, but he saw a WIDE OPEN receiver on a crossing route on that fourth down and threw it to the RB behind the line of scrimmage instead.

Just disregard me. I am just pissed. O hope Oregon can take care of business.

I don’t think he threw the game. I think his team kinda sucks and he was rattled. But they certainly fell apart against USC at the end…which I guess we can’t judge too harshly.

He was never the same after the no-call personal foul. Probably shouldn’t have been in there.

I thought he wasn’t the same after that 3rd quarter hit. Ifnyounlook at tatonka this season, they are a bad 4th quarter team.

As soon as they gave $C the ball, I figured the 89 yards was no problem for their NFL receivers. It wasn’t.

They also didn’t have a ball bounce their way at the end. They should have recovered that fumble and that dump pass that bounced around should have been an INT.

Ah well. Truthfully, I would rather have USC’s losses be to ranked teams anyway in our own interest, and I’m pretty certain they will come. They looked pretty weak last night.

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