Misc observations after win in Seattle

UW lost a tough game vs Oregon where they were ahead, then lost, and had a BYE to get prep for us. First part of the game looked like a well-prepared BYE team vs a team that has had a physical, emotional stretch. UW had a good game plan, and we looked a little flat.


  • Bam starting at RT was good to see, but Huntley’s not as mobile as normal. Paulo had an uncharacteristic whiff where the DE came unabated, but with adjustments, the Oline settled down into the slog and was solid.

  • Huntley & Moss - we won’t forget these warriors for a looooong time.

  • Bryan Thompson told me the WRs really wanted to erase the perception that they’re mediocre. The group wanted to demonstrate what they’re capable of. Mission Accomplished. Thompson, Dixon, Enis, Nacua, Simpkins. Big time receptions, many were pivotal.

    • Nacua’s catch on Huntley’s tremendous throw on 3-12 for 28 yards.
    • Solomon Enis using his hands, “his dad must be proud”
    • Dixon 2 snags for 72 yards. Thompson 2 for 60. (That will help the YPC stat!)
    • Simpkins led with 4 receptions. Thank you, Hallendale HS !


We adjusted to their game plan, clamped down on their run game, and then started applying pressure to Eason and making plays on the back end. Jaylon’s P6 was simply beautiful, at a crucial time. He knew the route, knew our pressure upfront would force the throw early, there was 3 feet of separation between him & the WR… that play made him money.

Upfront our guys stayed fresh & eventually Anae got to Eason when it mattered, but the number of QB hurries was more than I could count.

Blackmon & Burgess did an excellent job mixing coverages + led the D in tackles, which you would expect when they threw the ball 53 times. Against Utah, opposing QBs often have no idea who is playing FS, or where the mismatch is.

Blackmon made sure Eason will remember he was FS inside the 10, just what we needed on that drive. (Similarly, Blackmon ended the game on the onside.)

Bernard & Lloyd held down their part of the bargain.

There was one obvious blown coverage on one of their TDs, otherwise, we made played well on the back end.

Special Teams - Lennon & Redding are doing what we need them to do. Redding 2/2 was pivotal, even with Petersen trying to freeze the freshman.

Bottom Line:

  • Petersen being undefeated out of BYE weeks? Over
  • Utah getting the W in the game most thought would be our toughest? Check

Gut check win in the “Unfinished Business” campaign.

Win the game, get a BYE, I hope it’s nasty cold in 2 weeks vs UCLA.

Do the damn thing!!!


Was there a single hold called all game? Anae was being wrestled every down it seemed, giving Eason more time. I guess they were consistent as I don’t recall holds called the other way, either.


I think they were definitely “letting them play”

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No holds called on either team (and pretty sure nothing called in secondary either).

Very consistent and I have no complaints at all. They let both teams play good clean hard working football.

Bit of an apparent blunder on the 2pt conversion, but that’s on the TV network not having a camera on the goal line.


On the Pick 6 you can see on the video from the sideline that Eason releases the pass and starts toward the sideline as he knew it was going to be picked off. Fantastic gut check for our boys.


I could complain, but you are right, they did let the kids play both ways, however the false start in first half was a joke. In end it didn’t matter, but defensive player was way off sides before the offense moved, and it wasn’t even close.

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We had him so rattled. He was throwing off his back foot, leaving the ground. You could tell he was doomed with some of those passes before they even left his hand.

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If we’re thinking about the same play it was a false start on us. UW defender jumped causing our O-lineman to jump but on the other side of the formation our TE moved before any of that. False start on our TE.

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There was a play that was a complete pass with space to run, UW was called for offsides but the play was blown dead. It should have been a free play.

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Thats what announcers said but they were incorrect:

That one annoyed me too, as did the obvious pick play UW ran towards the end although as was pointed out, they really didnt call anything either way in the secondary so oh well.

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Different play

Couple of different conversation here, to Bulgie, the clip I posted is the play he/I were both talking about where they called false start that wasn’t. You see the tight end move, and the UW player point, and ultimately that’s what they called, but the DE was clearly in the neutral zone long before he moved, in fact he moved because of that DE, you can see that is where he was looking. It was a bad call.

As for your comment, I was agreeing because I too remember that play and questioned why they whistled it dead because it was not unabated to the QB, I think it was inadvertent whistle. And that pick play was another topic entirely.