Minnesota comes to Utah from the Frost Belt

Now we’ve given up 10 straight points. What’s really upsetting about the turnovers is that they’re unforced.

Now we’re going to see what these guys are made up because this is going to be a close finish.

Allen is a straight up badass. Dude is a beast.

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No one was in chat so I started a thread. And I end up talking to myself anyway. :confused:

Wait! Ironman is here! And you’re right, IM. Allen is one of those players we want to have to ball when we need a bucket.

These turnovers are really brainless.

So bad. Hate all these TOs. 9 in a half is about 9 too many.

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Allen with the SLAM!!!

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Demir is a stiff. Lucky for us.

I love Jones’s hustle. Man that kid is 100% 100% of the time.


He’s going to be fun to watch while he plays here.

BlockquoteHe’s going to be fun to watch while he plays here.

That feels unnecessarily ominous. :wink:

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Can I just say, I hate the bonus double bonus thing. I also hate halves. GIVE ME QUARTERS OR GIVE ME DEATH!

With his dad here as an assistant I’d say chances are good he stays. But if we learned anything over the last six or seven years, is that life is unpredictable for Utah hoops fans.

Battin needs to stop the falling down.

From your lips to God’s ears.

These FTs should end it.

Also, don’t tell me my business red tip thingy. I know what I am doing!

Rookie mistake by Jones to dribble into the corner like that.

I guess it’s good for them to get the turnover bug out of their systems early in the season.