Miles Garrett's behavior is inexcusable

I think prosecution might be in order.

Rudolph was lucky not to escape serious injury from that. Yikes!

He could’ve been killed.

They gave him an indefinite suspicion (a few other players got suspensions of a few game(s))

Really a very nasty incident

To play devil’s advocate here…yes that was ridiculous. But watch the replay from the endzone camera. that qb is no less of a scum bag and should be suspended as well. he was the first one to attempt to pull off a helmet and chased after Garrett after they were pulled apart, then threw a fit like a spoiled child after getting hit.

The setting of that though was it was a meaningless down and Garrett went and dragged him to the ground for no reason. My opinion is it started out as a dirty play from Garrett and escalated from there.


Granted, but Rudolph did have a hand in escalating it. Even after his helmet was removed he charged Garrett and put himself in a position to even be hit in the head.


Oh good grief… Do you really expect him to just take a ridiculous drag down and then after having his helmet ripped off just roll with it? I don’t know of a professional football player out there who would just take that.

Sorry, there is no justification of Garrett’s behavior.

Here is the video of it:


I wasn’t trying to justify Garrett’s actions’ there is no justification for that, but I am pointing out that Rudolph does bear some responsibility. In fact you can see that Rudolph is actually the one who starts pulling on Garrett’s helmet.


“you were right! the taco won!” - Hot Rod

In the criminal justice world this is classic “victim blaming”


Oh BS. Recognizing that both parties in an altercation bear some responsibility is not victim blaming, it’s reality. If Rudolph was standing on a corner and someone walked up and hit him in the head out of the blue and you blamed him for standing there, that would be victim blaming. If two guys are in a bar fight just because one guy started it, doesn’t mean the other guy isn’t partly responsible if he swings back.


You’re ignoring the use of a weapon.

Hitting someone in the head with a blunt object, after you started a fight, isn’t a “fight” nor is it self defense.

You’re trying to excuse the escalation by placing blame on someone else.

You can try and spin it all you want, but Garrett is the one who chose to use a weapon. On the street corner he’d be in jail for aggravated assault.


That’s the point… if we were to grade 1-10 the severity of what they were doing

• Garrett dragging a QB to the ground long after the ball was gone on a meaningless play (it was something like 3rd and 29 with 14 seconds to go in the game) - 4
• QB retaliating for being dragged to the ground by grabbing his helmet - 2
• Garrett then lifting the QB by his head and ripping off his helmet - 10
• QB going after Garrett for doing the aforementioned - Maybe a 1, probably a 0
• Garrett striking the QB over the head with the QB’s own helmet - 20

Rudolph does not share in the blame for being hit over the head with a helmet - that is beyond any reasonable line for him to be at fault. As Diehard said, you are ignoring the use of a weapon. That’s like bringing a bat to a tickle fight (which let’s be honest - football players getting in fights with full gear on is essentially that).


I’m in the minority here but I look at it this way:

  1. No excuse for what Garrett did… that’s going too far.
  2. Rudolph is not only not innocent, but I have to say he’s not that far from what Rudolph did. Sure he didn’t try to hit him with a helmet, but he was trying to take Garrett’s helmet off. Why was he trying to do that and what was going to happen next? Was he going to hit him with the helmet? Was he going to throw punches at his helmetless face? I have no idea, but I can guess it wasn’t going to be good and we won’t know because he never got the helmet off.
  3. Someone had to be the bigger person in this altercation and no one stepped up. It just kept escalating.

Instead of speculating about what could have happened, I’m content to examine what actually happened, aggravated assault.


I’m OK with that ranking although I’d probably go to 4 for QB grabbing Garrett’s helmet, because that was the start of the helmet issues, and 2 for him going after Garrett (although that is probably an 8 on the stupid meter.)

BTW Samuel L. Jackson says it’s all Rudolph’s fault, and I can’t go there either.

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Well then, from henceforth he shall be known as Samuel L Jackass.

So here are the announced actions:

Myles Garrett - Suspended indefinitely (about Right)
Pouncy - suspended 3 games for kicking Garrett while he was being held down (OK)
The other Browns player with the unpronouncable name - 1 game for pushing Rudolph down (probably too light)
Rudolph will be fined.
Both teams fined $250K each.

I’m with you. I just don’t want to make the other guy out to be a saint in the equation.

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