Micah Bernard enters the transfer portal?

Take this for what it’s worth:


Here’s what comes from Micah:


In my book I will always remember the effort he put in for last year’s Rose Bowl. That was courageous and a great example of being all in.


He already has his degree as well.


I had a chance to chat with Micah a few days ago for a few minutes. He was also on the UF.net video podcast. Impressive young man, and articulate and funny. I think he’ll go far in whatever he chooses, whether in football or in something else.

I think we’ll be fine at running back. JJ may well turn out to be quite a star.


This has been rumored for a while. If you remember he was very unhappy last summer when Glover was named the starter and curry and Tavion were ahead of him. He was 4th on the depth chart.

He doesn’t want to go through that again, with Jj substituting for Tavion and new rbs coming in.

Can’t blame him. Maybe this means curry is coming back.

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JJ and Glover, plus three 4 Star RBs coming in. The writing on the wall was in a pretty large font. I don’t blame him for moving on. Just don’t go to U$C, or another PAC team for that matter.

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somebody on Twitter yesterday predicted he will join Kiel McDonald at USC.

His greatest strength is his ability to be a receiver out of the backfileld. We will miss that a lot if no one else can do that.


Plus he’s close to home with SC.

I’m with LA and Hoop on this - Micah Bernard can do whatever he wants and he’ll always be a Ute hero. (He won’t go to Provo, I’m not counting that.)

Even the Rose Bowl announcer eventually got his name right. He’s one of those guys where I won’t be surprised by whatever he accomplishes. Class act, through and through.



Best wishes to Micah on his future pursuits. Dude has been nothing but nails for the Utes. Good, stand up guy.

Hope he finds what he is looking for.


He’s an incredible athlete (hello, picking up CB for last year’s Rose Bowl). Good runner, picks up blocks in pass rush, gets out and can receive the ball. Started this year’s Rose Bowl. Not quite big enough or fast enough combination to quite be the steady RB1 with other talent in the room. He’ll always be a Ute, but he deserves to pursue another opportunity. Great person. I’m sorry he had to be affected by TT.


In my short conversations with him he also comes across as very bright. (So does Bryson Barnes.)

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We’re good on offense, but do you have any on the D ?

Thank you.



starting center Paul Maile is in the portal

Maile is also a grad transfer and Oline has a lot of depth already.

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Well, that means there wil be no Uintah Elementary alums on the roster, except maybe Johnny Maia

Apparently Micah Bernard is going to be staying at Utah, after all.

What an awesome piece of news to send us all into a weekend!


Thinking about Micah’s situation a little more…

  • it was an “interesting” year in the RB room
  • new coach, very different style from the previous coach
  • new, talented recruits coming in

I didn’t blame MB for looking to go elsewhere, I was just thankful for everything he’s done at Utah.

Looking forward, he has the offense down cold. He & JJ are a really good 1-2 punch, right now. I don’t see any reason he doesn’t either start or get lots of snaps in a combination backfield.

Micah already made a challenging transition when Ty Jordan came in and the higher profile recruit from Micah’s class - Jordan Wilmore - decided to go elsewhere, along with the veteran Brumfield. Micah went through all that, to opportunities for himself.

What he did in the '22 Rose Bowl cements his status as a team leader, IMO. We’ve had a few guys play both ways early in the season as things get sorted out - eg, Terrell Burgess and Cory Butler-Byrd - but I don’t remember anyone taking on what he did in trying to play CB against NFL talent on a national stage.

Bernard is the senior statesman in the RB room. Ja’Quinden is pretty remarkable in his own way, for similar reasons. We’ll see how Glover does with a year of seasoning, and what the new guys bring, but our top 2 RBs are rock solid, IMO.