Meanwhile, in Provo, the Cougs lost 5 starters from last year's team and are looking like they'll make the tourney

You know, in case you need further illustration of Larry’s ineptitude.

Yeah your illustration of ineptitude is missing the part where Larry finishes in the top 4 in the PAC 12 standings almost every year and has multiple tourney wins and hangs out with Pearl Jam.

When Pope has done any of these things, let me know. Cougs are a WCC team, not that hard to have a good record in that trash conference.


Top 4 in the league doesn’t mean much when you have 12+ losses, flame out in the first round of the PAC 12 tourney and end up in the NIT (or no postseason at all).


Let me know when Eddie Vedder jams with Mark Pope.


Moose, you’re trying too hard

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[quote=“The_Jim_Fassel_Era, post:2, topic:4916”]

hangs out with Pearl Jam.

pretty sure its just Jeff Ahment ( Montana boys) but it does not seem to make much of a difference either way . Jeff was in the movie Singles

Singles is the best movie soundtrack in the history of movie soundtracks, even better than The Crow soundtrack.


He sure made easy work of the Utes this year.

And, let’s be honest, who honestly believes we are going to beat any BYU team anytime soon?

(I realize we beat them narrowly last year, but had they been at full strength that day, we would surely not have.)

I do. I don’t see anything special in their players or coaches. I admit that I’m not following their recruiting. Have they scored big there?

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Larry has a winning record against the cougs. He also did something Kyle has not had the courage to do…he pulled out 8 racks from his own stash to cancel the cougs. That alone should get him a lifetime contract.

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Poaching that Lohner kid seems like a big win, kid is solid and I wish he was with the Utes.

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No doubt. He looked great against us. We just had to go through 4 years of remembering how close we were to having Childs. Now it’s four years of Lohner. Dirtbag.

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