McMurphy's Bowl Projections - 8 PAC-12 Teams In

Cal vs. Boise State - LA Bowl
Oregon vs. Clemson - Peach (NY6)
Washington vs. Iowa - Las Vegas
Washington St. vs. Nebraska - Redbox
Out: Oregon St. & Stanford

Arizona St. vs. NC State - Holiday
UCLA vs. Louisville - Sun
USC vs. Oklahoma St. - Alamo
Utah vs. Wisconsin - Rose (NY6)
Out: Arizona & Colorado

Wazzu in and Stanford out? Admittedly I don’t know much about either, but can that be right? Is Stanford supposed to be terrible this year?

Stanford has a decent OOC. Vandy should be a win. K State and Notre Dame will be tough outs.

I’m not seeing Washington State’s 6 wins.

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Here’s the article:

Wilner has them at 5/7, 3/6 in conference and in reading there isn’t a lot of disagreement. Inexperienced quarterback and a surprising weakness on both lines.

Washington State is curious because Wilner has them also at 5/7 but 2/7 in conference. Wilner cites strong O-line and running backs but difficulties at WR & QB. Also cites a weak front end on their schedule and a “brutal” back end. McMurphy’s article just had his picks without commentary. Looking at WSU’s schedule, I don’t know that I agree with the soft front end and rough back end.

9/4 Utah State
9/11 Portland State
9/18 USC
9/25 @ Utah
10/2 @ Cal
10/9 Oregon State
I think USU, PSU & OSU should be wins, Utah & USC losses and Cal a pick 'em. If they can get Cal that gives them a good shot because next is
10/16 Stanford
10/23 BYU
10/30 @ Arizona State
11/13 @ Oregon
11/19 Arizona
11/26 @ Washington
Stanford, Arizona should be wins, Washington, Oregon & ASU losses. Hopefully even a mid level PAC-12 team can take BYU at home but who knows?

So if WSU can win Stanford, Arizona, Oregon State, plus flip Cal to a W they will still have to upset one of USC, Utah, ASU, OU or UW to be bowl eligible.

Wilner is so weird. His Washington prediction:

Wins: vs. Montana, at Michigan, vs. Arkansas State, vs. Cal, vs. UCLA, at Arizona, vs. Oregon, vs. Arizona State, vs. Washington State
Losses: at Colorado, at Stanford, at Oregon State