Maybe if the Pac-12/Larry Scott dumped the 1981 TV business model they could leave the SEC, et al., in the dust

There is no way I am going to pay for 7 snow cones, 13 cotton candies, and 11 deep fried twinkies, when all I want is steak and potatoes. I can’t believe how many people are in fact willing to pay it for that extra garbage (100+ channels of video waste land). For myself that train has left the station. I/we, haven’t had pay TV in 30+ years. If somebody had the guts to break away from the old paradigm, that is, Pac-12 online only for say 50, 75, 100 dollars per year, without all the other garbage, they’d probably start a revolution.

Continuing with the consumer electronics subject from above, believe it or not, I don’t own and never plan to own a cell phone. My son, who used to work for Apple computer, when informing his co-workers of this fact, I was surprised to learn that a couple of them called me their hero. Lest you think I’m a luddite, I work in cybersecurity for United States Space Force (established by President Trump and congress 20 Dec 19).

Your idea makes sense for some fans, but I don’t think the revenue generation would compete with what the PAC currently receives from Fox and ESPN. As for exposure beyond the avid PAC 12 fan, I can’t imagine what it would be with that model.

I believe that revenue generation would be significantly less than what we presently enjoy. If you assume that 2 million households (almost triple the average per football home game attendance of all 12 schools) would buy it at $100 per year, that equates to about $16 mil per school, per year. Significantly less than each school now receives. I actually believe the subscription level would be lower because although I have 4 season tickets, I would only buy one subscription and very few fans of teams in other conferences would buy it. I know I wouldn’t buy a subscription for any other conference.

The easiest way to market the subscription would be by schools through their websites and season tickets. This approach would lead to schools legitimately arguing that they should retain the revenues from the subscriptions they sell just as they do with season tickets. Utah would need to sell 300,000 subscriptions to receive the same revenue they get through the current arrangement.

None of this addresses the additional expenses associated with producing games that are now produced by ESPN and Fox.

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I heard the other day (I think it was on a podcast) that the 6/7 PAC-12 Network channels wasn’t actually Larry Scott’s idea, but was Comcast or one of the other cable entities brain child. Clearly, not a great decision in the end.

If it’s an option fo you cord cutters then why not. Not for me though.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that the reason someone that works in the belly of the beast doesn’t own a cell phone is that you know too much about they ways they are being used to monitor and manipulate us. And you all said my tinfoil hat was stupid… just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get me. :slight_smile:

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