Mark Harlan Interview on KALL

Spence Checketts asked AD Mark Harlan about how he was going to analyze Larry K and the program.

Harlan replied that nobody wants to win more than the coaches and players, and there was a lot of distractions and complications this year.

Harlan loved how the football team improved. He was impressed by Scalley’s defense.

Harlan said Scalley did a good job of going through process of the n-word incident. Scalley has exceeded expectations, Harlan is impressed by him.

Moving on without Ty will be long process but having everyone together soon will help.

Jake Bentley blessed the program while he was here.

Every darned year there are ‘distractions and complications’ with our hoops team. Sick of excuses.
(yes still peeved about that debacle against Cal)

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Saw that there was a piece by Kinahack about Ute fans and frustrations towards mens BBall. I just couldn’t bring myself to give him a click. Just saw the title.