I watched Cristobal’s post-game and he appears to be an inarticulate, self absorbed whiner. I hope the story of his mom wasn’t made up. He basically mumbled about how lousy his players are. Who would want to play for him? I hope we pick up a few duck recruits and make them into hawks

meh. He was pissed after a loss and was not happy with the Miami report stuff. Joe Moorhead probably told him he was leaving already as well. Not to mention he had probably the worst loss he’s ever had at Oregon:


Never heard of her.


Yeah I kind of felt for him with the incessant Miami/ “are you leaving Oregon” questions that he already answered. Now, if he does end up leaving he’ll look like a douche and will be eviscerated for his earlier comments.

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He’s one foot out the door to Miami. I don’t think the Ducks will bring enough money to keep him simply because what is calling him home to Miami can’t be calculated in dollars.

Then again, losing to the Mountain Mongrels twice in beat down fashion…


He knows Willie Taggart who was called home. Sometimes going home ain’t the right move.