March Madness speculation

I think it’s going to be cancelled. If it’s cancelled the let down will be less for us fans of teams not going anyway but I still wanted to watch and it’s disappointing that so much great college basketball is going to be missed this year.

Does it count if no one saw it?

Given all the stuff getting shut down, they may as well shut this down too. :frowning:

I’d honestly be shocked if it still happens.


The good news? Could we claim the national championship?

Pretty much every conference has cancelled their tourneys (including at least one that did so right in the middle of a game). Seems that is it quite probable (if not down right certain) that a lot of schools will not allow their players/teams to participate, even in empty arenas. Unfortunate as it has been an intriguing season.

Might even be cancelled as I’m typing this.

No NBA, no MLS, baseball all but cancelled at this point. Soccer all across Europe shutting down.

And a lot of non-sports activity disrupted as well, much of it more important than playing a game.

Duke and Kansas just announced they are suspending all athletic activities.

I imagine that will put a dagger in the tourney.

And the NHL just suspended operations.

Dook just announced they will not participate in the NCAA tourney this year.

While we’re at it, can’t they just shut down the darned Stock Markets for a bit?

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They should’ve stopped it when it went into bear territory. We shut this down during 9-11. This is a nationwide problem.

If the tournament is cancelled there is a 100% certainty that zoobs will claim the title.


Officially canceled

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