Making the case: Utah’s dominant ‘body of work’ proves it’s a top-4 team

Interesting stats here in regard to the CFP resumes of Utah, OU, and Bama.

Yogi is a total Pac-12 homer, but he makes pretty good points.

Most telling stat:



Those SOS seem wrong for all three teams.

Thank you. I was hoping someone would defend Alabama.

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They might be lumping in this weeks games and lower FCS teams.

Let’s be reasonable. After all he said the top three teams of the Big12 and SEC are better than the champions of the other three conferences. So playing those titans surely would automatically give you a top 25 SOS.

I never said that. I did say Utah is the 4th best team. Just weird all the varying ranks of SOS I’ve seen. If you lose we probably have a shot but there is zero reason you guys don’t win out. Both Oregon and CU are inferior.

Oregon most definitely can beat Utah. It all depends on which Oregon team, and most importantly which Herbert, shows up.

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Anyone can beat anyone is true. That said, 9 times out of 10 times Utah wins that matchup. Oregon is highly overrated