Lots of Utes at the airport this morning

My plane is 50% red.

Yeah I was coming to SLC from Los Angeles this morning and the Southwest terminal was full of people wearing Utah gear. Made me feel bad, but I fly too much already. Otherwise I would take my sons and go. The playoff game always comes at a very inconvenient time. We will be watching the broadcast with gusto tomorrow.


Ditto. It was great to see so many. I am heading to Reno but got diverted to Sacramento for wx, and thought loooong and hard about staying and driving down.

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I flew into Salt Lake City today, and I was glad to see several Ute fans at the airport. I hope most of them were headed to he game. I came into town to see my dad. He and I will be watching from his place. He’s getting along in years, but I have to confess that I thought about trying to drag him out to the game …

Next game, hopefully. Go Utes!

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