Looking to the future

is Yogi Berra once said, “predictions are hard, especially about the future.” Still, there are lots of reasons for Utes fans to feel encouraged.

Yogi Roth says Utah is one of the big dogs now:

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I saw today that Utah has the second most wins in the conference over the past 5 years and 3rd most over the past 30. No need to footnote that much of that was vs MWC bottom feeders.
WE’ll be tailgating again below the Rose Bowl façade a year from now (unless the Utes go nuts and make the CFP)
Color me very optimistic! GO UTES!


Looking waaaaay too far ahead with two sets of Crimson-Colored goggles in place, I’m salting away money starting now.


the season of pre season hype has already begun



Yes, we are at this point. I would not use the term elite; but they are really, really good. They will need to run the gauntlet in the Conference of Cannibals unscathed to get a CFP slot.

It just means we have to take the next step and become the top carnivore.



Utes: The PAC-12’s apex predator.

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Next season will be the first one where I fully expect Utah to be in the playoff hunt from the get-go. I really hate getting too hyped up early on, but this team proved a lot this year, and with so much talent returning it’s gonna be tough counting them out of any game.


A man named Kenneth posted this on Facebook:

All my opinion, but after digesting the Rose Bowl, and even though it sucks to have lost, here’s the truth-

The honest truth is that our depleted secondary, with an RB starting at CB for the first time, was not up to par as Ohio’s receiver corps. Their O line protected their QB well so he could find those receivers.

But despite all that…

Utah earned national respect despite the loss.
Ohio St had to produce 683 total yards in order to beat our U boys by 3 in the last 12 seconds.
It took nearly 4 quarters for Ohio St’s passing game to take the lead.

A prominent program with a history of excellence was forced to dig deep and climb itself out of a hole.

So despite walking away with an L, our Utah team walked away with pride that such a team as Ohio State was nearly beaten by a team considered “below” them.

Now, this may be me looking for the “moral” victory. People could and will say that. But this is me recognizing that after two previous trips to the conference championships, Utah took home the trophy on its third. This is me recognizing that despite the loss, Utah has proven itself in the Pac-12 and is on course to being a rising star nationally.

The Rose Bowl told the nation to take note - Utah is here.

This was the first time we went to the Rose Bowl.

It won’t be the last.



This game was much better PR than Oregon’s two forgettable Rose Bowl wins against Wisconsin.


Bearing that out is the fact that the Utes were picked for next year to be 5th in the CFP rankings. Granted I hate these too-early predictions because they are just that. But we have all the right tools for something special. So much so it got a guy like Brant Kuithe to come back when he could have gotten paid in the NFL. Beat FL and I think the hype machine will get rolling on the Utes.


Can’t be true - everybody knows Utah has an awful offense. After all, in-depth analysis Gordon Monson said this is where QBs go to die.


FIRE LUDWIG!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Kidding…truth is he did a great job training up Rising to be ready to be the guy.

Bringing a known redshirt QB into the booth to train them up is a great idea. By known I mean a frosh QB you will not be using on the field that season (unless all hell breaks loose), but shows the signs of being the next guy.


Way too early top 5 prediction:


Loved this about Utah:

And unlike some of the teams referenced above, there is no direct talent pipeline pumping five-stars directly into the depth chart.