Lohner asking to be released from his LOI to sign with BYU



Okay, who is going to pony up, because LK needs to GTFO.

If true there is no longer any doubt that this is a coach Krystkowiak problem. I can excuse players leaving early or transferring for more PT. Recruits that have been committed for a long time leaving to a rival school??? Yeah, that is a coaching issue.

Wake me up when he is fired PLEASE

Aint happening this year. The whole university is going to be facing budget cuts. A donor coming up with a multimillion dollar donation to fire a basketball coach would be a terrible look.


Double ugh.

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We had a lot of hope riding on Lohner since our frontcourt needs help. Without him, Allen and Jantunen will have to carry the weight at forward alone.

Losing him to BYU hurts, especially since BYU just finished riding Childs to success.

I see a 7-8 man rotation:

Guards: Jones, Plummer, and Martinez
Forwards: Allen and Jantunen
Centers: Carlson and Thioune

Limited minutes: Brenchley, Larsson, Battin, Wenzel

I am beginning to dislike Mark Pope.

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Ugh, without the potential star power of lohner that lineup is garbage.

You know, we all laughed at BYU basketball when they entered the WCC, but it’s been good for them. Big fish in a small pond is where BYU athletics have always thrived. They are selling tickets, and they have an okay shot at the tournament every year (maybe a 30-40% chance?).

It’s interesting that BYU basketball, which was thrown under the bus by football and independence, is far more successful than BYU football. While Utah has transitioned from a basketball school to a football school, BYU is slowly transitioning from a football to a basketball school (they are neither now, but they are more likely to become a basketball school than a football school).

Letting Childs go to BYU set us back years and basically revived their dying program. Crazy how one player can have such a huge impact in basketball. And now, it looks like Pope is able to convince people to play for him. Too bad.

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Ha! I get it. He’s just some incoming freshman. But it sure would be nice to have 1 more forward who can let Allen/Jantunen rest a bit. Now that guy will have to be Battin or some last minute transfer. Or maybe we just go small ball more often, and Brenchly/Larsson/Wenzel fill that role.

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So how does byu continue to recruit him? I realize they probably don’t make direct contact but there is no way the byu coaches weren’t leaning heavily on his father or HS coach.
How is that legal?


He was only a commit, wasn’t he? If he signs a letter of intent it’s a different story.


He did sign a LOI, but he’s asked to be released from it.

Of course the BYU coaches were in contact and were recruiting him. Pope knows how the game is played, and this surely happens all the time.

The new vibe in college athletics is to give more freedom for transfers, releases, etc.


Thanks, I wasn’t sure. I dislike Pope all the more. But I also am beginning to respect him as a formidable adversary. We haven’t really had one at BYU since Roger Reid.

“Sometimes one’s individual desires and goals don’t always align with the program they are a part of. However, our focus is and continues to be the players who are fully committed to our program, including our incoming recruiting class.”

–LK on Both Gach (and on many others)

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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This broken record is getting old. There is only 1 common denominator, LK. It’s his program, his people, his responsibility. I don’t know what it is about LK that causes the student athlete to leave, but there’s something.

I never wanted to get negative on Coach K but this is inexcusable. They’re leaving before they show up now. He’s got to go.

How long before Pope moves on from BYU?