Local food bracket challenge

Of these seedlings are trash. No betrays at number 1. Nonsense.

I see Bam Bam’s is a 6 seed. I’ve spent a couple of decades down south and a ton of time in Memphis. Just last week went to Germantown Commissary & Central BBQ. Done Corky’s (yuck, seriously), Tops, and some lesser known places. Never went to Rendevous for some reason. Hit Joe’s in KC on several occassions. Lived several years in Texas. My point is this – Bam Bams is equal to or better than all of them. The CB sandwich is to die for. Heck, the CB alone is to die for. It’s also one of the few BBQ joints that does a good turkey. That’s the real test – if a BBQ joint can make turkey taste good then it’s probably good all-around BBQ.

There you go. Mock away.

I’ve spent a good deal of time in Memphis, and eaten at Corky’s and The Rendezvous many times. Rendezvous is the clear winner, at least in my book. I know that there are two distinct camps on this. I’m on Team Rendezvous.

Plus the atmosphere there is far, far better than Corky’s.

I tried bambam at RES. It was about the worst bbq I’ve had. Someone said give em 1 more chance. Got food they delivered to a kaysville location during covid. MEH.

There was a place in Kearns 20 years ago, Q4U.
Blew the socks off of BamBam

I evacuated New Orleans for Hurricane Gustav many years ago, and I stayed in Jackson. After a few days of using a church as a shelter, we decided to take our hurrication to Memphis. We did Graceland (awesome) and ate at one of the famous BBQ places - I can’t remember which one. They had a discount for hurricane evacuees. I remember it as the best BBQ I’ve had. Dry rub ribs were out of this world. I may have also just been really hungry.

Q4U was fantastic, and the owner would come out and ask you if you’d had enough to eat, and if you didn’t he’d get you some more. Maybe why they went out of business, but that place was worth the drive.

Utah BBQ is catching up, but it isn’t quite there yet.

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It’s not the same. Maybe try it at their restaurant. You may still hate it, but, at least you’ll have given it a fair shot. I’d recommend the ribs, sausage and chopped beef sandwich.

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Why is Ruth’s Dinner part of this bracket thing? I get the up the canyon setting thing, but the food there has never been that good.

I really don’t get the appeal of Ruth’s Diner either. I saw Chile Tepin as an 8 seed and closed the site.

Apparently that’s the ksl voters fault.