List your hopes for the basketball off-season

Here are mine, off the top of my head. I probably will have more as this thread develops:

  1. Carlson gets very serious about weight training and eats five meals a day this spring and summer while gaining 20 pounds. At least.

  2. Gach does the same. With a few more pounds, he’d be deadly slashing to the hoop. I’d like to see him learn to keep his head during tension times, but I don’t know how he does that.

  3. Timmy Buckets spends thousands of hours in the gym shooting three point shots, pull-up jumpers, and dribbling to his left. He should set up traffic cones all
    the way down the court in the practice facility and weave-dribble through them at top speed, switching hands between right and left all the way. You should do this for an hour at a time. In between drills, he can learn to shoot a left-handed layup. When he’s bored with all that, he should shoot 10,000 free throws daily. It would be fun to see him make both shots most of the time after he’s earned a shooting foul against him.

  4. One of the assistant coaches goes to a clinic or watches a YouTube or reads a book about how to beat the press. Then he teaches it to the team. This is not hard.

  5. Larry spends an entire week in front of a TV screen, watching YouTubes or documentaries or. something about how great coaches deal with end-of-game situations. When he gets bored with those videos, maybe he can find some on how to run a motion offense that leaves his team more than two or three seconds to get a shot off.

These would be a start. Any other ideas?

My wish is that the youngsters mature. That will be enough!

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and stick around. I’d be happy with no transfers from our core group of players


Add to that, all of our current and incoming players survive the flu outbreak

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I’d like to see Timmy Buckets practice free throws. For the love of god!

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My hope is that there is a season next season.

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