Lets get excited for the future:

Utah’s position with the average rating out of high school (first number the last five years, second number the last two years):

QB: .8679 - .8417
RB: .8480 - .8785
WR: .8463 - 8778
TE: .8415 - .8830
OL: .8599 - .8728
DL: .8644 -
DE: .8649 - .8839
DT: .8308 - .8684
LB: .8134 - .8419
CB: .8722 - .8910
S: .8513 - .8571

Utah has had a significant jump in HS talent at every position (except QB) the last two years. A SIGNIFICANT jump. An .84 rating is a solid three star kid. A .87 rating is a high three star, borderline 4 star kid.

Look at it another way:

Utah’s average recruit from 2016-2018: .84
Utah’s average recruit from 2019-2020: .87
Utah’s average recruit from 2021: .87

What does this mean? A .87 average team rating puts them right at #20 in the country as far as “most talented teams”. Right now, Utah is ranked 39th. Last year, they were 47th. The year before, Utah was 44th.

IF Utah keeps recruiting like this, the only teams with more talent than them will be USC, Oregon and UW.

Utah made the P-12 title game two years in a row with talent in the 40’s. Can you imagine what Utah’s coaches could do with talent in the 20’s? Whhooooooooo-baby.

Let’s enjoy the 2020 preview show we get to see right now, because Utah is headed in a very, very special direction.