Let me know if you need recommendations in Atlanta for 1st round

Papis or merry macs. Visit the aquarium cause it’s dope and the college football hall of game. And world of coke. Try the Beverly.

Disagree with most of what you said. Lol

That aquarium is dope. And the Beverly is the best tasting drink of all time.

And only one of those things is a lie.

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The Aquarium is one of the best. I love World of Coke. Hated the College football museum. Sort of underwhelming. That said, I tend to not hit the tourist traps of downtown. Def go downtown for Homegrown Ga for breakfast though.

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Any particular places you recommend? I love a good breakfast.

Homegrown is my go to for breakfast (http://www.homegrownga.com/). Even if driving to Florida I will stop there. Get there early or you’ll have to wait. I don’t tend to eat meat or dairy but I will break that for there and Heirloom Market which is Korean food meets Texas BBQ (https://heirloommarketbbq.com/).

Anything out on Buford Highway is good (it’s the small business owning immigrant area of the city so you can find some great places there). I really like the Northern Chinese food (http://www.northernchinaeatery.com/).

If any of you are like me and cutting down on meat and dairy the Slutty Vegan is great.

It’s based in Nashville but located in Atlanta as well. These guys I’ve worked with and great pizza place is the 90’s Hip Hop themed Slim & Husky (I order the Ain’t Nothin’ But a V Thang):

There are a bunch of places to check out. Ponce City Market has a ton of options, Ria’s Bluebird or Rising Son also for breakfast. There is also the Busy Bee for good old fashioned comfort food. My chef friends enjoy Gunshow. Also, if you take the kids swing by the Porsche driving experience. Mainly, that’s the exterior for Avengers HQ in all the Marvel movies. It’s south of town but right near the airport for those
flying in.

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Thanks for the tips. Homegrown will be on my list for breakfast if I get down there.

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The fact that this thread exists makes me nervous. Seems more appropriate for when we actually know our post season destination.

An Alabama fan made it. What could go wrong?