Lazar Stefanovic signs LOI

Info here:

It’s been way too long since we had a Serbian on the team!

LDFC forever!


Every pass should be a jump pass.

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Anybody have any intel on this guy?

Some details here.

I think Justin Bibbins played with him in Serbia, and Bibbins sent out a tweet praising Stefanovic’s work ethic. Bibbins may be the connection here.

BTW, since the eligibility clock is suspended for this year it means the Utes are 1 over the scholarship limit for 2021-22. Someone will have to go.

I posted a video of him a while back. Looks barely “ok” – hard to tell in video sometimes. We’ll see.

Agree. He might be fine but he doesn’t seem like a good shooter or a good athlete.


On his interview with Bill today, Larry made it sound like there will be some waiver process at the end of the year and they will be able to keep Fonz plus bring in the other kids. I think thats all a load of crap because Larry knows quite well that he will be running a 8-9 man rotation this year and that at least one guy will be headed out after the season for more playing time elsewhere.

I hope he plays for the U with a lazar-like focus.

buh-dum crash