Latest Tailgating Info for UF.N peeps

So, given the weather is supposed to be decent, and it shouldn’t be the expected boat race last week was, Ive decided to try and get to the game on Saturday. However, I’d like to try and meet up with anyone actually gathering for pre-game nosh. I’ll be glad to grab something from the Smith’s Marketplace to carry on the train up, but am not sure where to go to meet up with anyone.

I do remember learning last year or so, that the boat is long gone, and I shouldnt go looking for exactly that same spot from years ago LOL.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

THanks folks. Hopew to see some of y’all for first time since like 2014 or something.

Swing by the northwest corner of the Guardsman lot. The Shasta is there, Porky the Pig Bus is there, Albert the Ballhead is there. All will take care of you.


thank you! I did realize yesterday that I have to make it down to Festa Italian at The Gateway earleir though… Given the issues with my feet, I’ll have to plan this carefully, and have the Tylenol/Lortab standing by.