worst coach in the world in the last 2 minutes of any half. Yyyyyyyasasssrrrrrrgggggg!!!

Well lots of rookie mistakes going down the stretch, not sure that’s all on the coach. If Juntunen simply holds the ball when he gets it and lets them foul him it takes a lot of the drama out of the last play.

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We won, so I’m going to celebrate the first win over THEM since the 70’s (I think), rather than ■■■■■ about how we seem not to be able to play with and keep a lead.

Credit to the team for not collapsing after giving up a 17 point lead.

Great win!

I have a life long Kentucky fan as a neighbor, who took his entire family to Vegas for the game today. He was a student at Kentucky and attended the last Utah win. Do you think I should offer to pay for him to attend every Utah/Kentucky in the future? :slight_smile:

Go Utes!!!