Larry and turnovers

A guy on Utehub posted Utah’s turnover margin rankings since 2011. They are as follows

2019-20 271
2018-19 334
2017-18 182
2016-17 270
2015-16 308
2014-15 179
2013-14 130
2012-13 293
2011-12 321

I can’t even fathom how a coach who’s teams routinely rank so low in turnover margin is still employed. Imagine if a football coach was consistently ranked at our near the bottom of division 1 in turnover margin. They would be fired the first or second time that happened. This has gone on since 2011. I don’t care about the transfers, I honestly don’t. What I do care about is Larry’s inability to actually coach basketball. Year after year his teams have lost winnable games because of lazy passes and otherwise stupid basketball decisions. Nothing is ever done about it.

Every coach in the Pac12 knows that if they press us, we lose, end of story. It started with just Oregon doing it routinely, now every team puts us in a full or half court press for significant portions of every game. Larry’s teams, even when we had an all american point guard, have always struggled with the press.

This list makes me physically ill.

And what a fitting end to another turnover plagued year but a god awful turnover filled game that ends with a turnover on one point lead that turns into a 3 pointer on the other end and a 4 point loss.

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I am wary of those numbers. I looked at the team stats on the official site and found:

All games: Utes turnovers 420, Opponents 377 in 31 games for a net of -1.4.

Conference games: Utes turnovers 237, Opponents 218 in 18 games for a net of -1.0.

These numbers are not good, but they are not tragic. They reflect the Utes .500 record. Clearly, reducing the number of turnovers 3-4 per game would have added to the win column. Easier said than done, and not going to happen with the current personnel.

I find it interesting that the net is better in the conference games when the general competition was tougher.

Even if the numbers are dubious, I agree with the basic premise that lack of depth with ballhandling skills has been a nearly constant problem on Larry’s teams. Larry’s a big. He can recruit bigs with the promise that he can make them better players. He can’t make the same promise to guards, so recruiting PG’s has been an issue.

I believe Brenchley bounced the ball off his foot as time expired as well. Lol.

How do you coach against that?-- :crazy_face:have them play hacky sack with basketballs to see that it doesn’t work.


These numbers are not dubious. You can look them up yourself if you want. Those numbers are the team ranking, not the actual turnover differential.

This year our team finished ranked 281st in turnover margin. Every turnover is a potential 4-6 point swing. That is a huge problem. Look up four factors. This theory suggests that turnovers are responsible for 25% of the outcome of a game, the only part of a game that is more important is shooting (40%).

When I read this my first reaction was to say, “Oh, shut up, Larry.”

“Seventeen turnovers, you’re not going to win many ballgames and the 1-3-1 disrupted us, as it has a few teams this year,” Krystkowiak said. “We spent some time preparing on it, but I thought those were some of the keys to the game.”

I don’t want to hear another word from him about turnovers until his teams stop making them a feature of his program.