Lady Utes

Just beat Oregon and headed to the championship game against Stanford.

if I recall correctly they only won 5 games in conference last year. Incredible job by the players and coaches


The women’s team last year was kinda like the men’s team is this year. Maybe with a full off-season and full ability to recruit high school players, we will see the men’s team make improvements next year like the women’s team did this year. The women’s team’s arguably best two players are true freshmen (Jenna Johnson and Gianna Kneepkens). If the women can bring in that level of recruit after struggling last year, why can’t the men do something similar next year? All it takes to make massive improvements is to land the recruits you need to make your team’s engine go, like the women got in recruiting last year.


I hate to be that guy, but the women’s teams at the university are just Utes. When describing athletes under scholarship playing for the school, that’s what they are, Utes, just like any other scholarship athlete.

Oh, and the are a fun team to watch. I saw a game they played in Oklahoma earlier this year, they got up against the Sooners by about 20, but unfortunately, stopped hitting their shots and ended up losing, but with the three point shooting, they are fun to watch.

Also, the game is on ESPN2 at 4PM MST.

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Can’t they be both Utes and Lady Utes?

Don’t be, I’m glad you’re pointing it out; it’s an important point to make.

In fairness, the title of the thread was probably intended to differentiate the women’s team from the men’s team, so I see this as a non-issue. It does beg the question, should there be separate categories for MBB v WBB?

They are easy to make, so if you all would like that we could do it.